Introducing The Olympus Agency

The industry has been in need of a “better” platform for agents to write Insurance for some time. Insurance business in general has been the red-headed step child of many of the other areas of financial services. Its a simple fact. Partly because the lack of services and access to products and carriers made it difficult for elite financial services professionals to operate efficiently and at competitive pay. Traditional agencies that focus on proprietary products, that carry antiquated processes and offer little to no services are a thing of the past. The Insurance industry in general is ripe for an overhaul. That’s why we’re here!

The Olympus Agency is a multi-line Independent agency formed to bring vital services to experienced agents that need a platform with a developed value. High level case design and support across many different lines and products allows The Olympus Agency to provide a bundled platform for professionals that provide bundled solutions. Superior Marketing Support, training, lead generation services, virtual assistant and coaching services are also provided to the agents that affiliate with The Olympus Agency. We believe that providing the full suite of services needed to operate and be successful is something that is simply not offered anywhere else.

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